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Yahoo Weather (Firmware 3.1.0 and later)[WOEID]

The unique WOEID can be generated at

Regular expression:


Flags: Multiline, Ungreedy

Temperature Output 1: EIS 5 / ASCII - Floating Point (Firmware 3.1.0 and later)

The town or post code can be entered on the start page: When committing the input, a page with the current weather data opens. On the right side next to the title, there is an RSS icon. Simply right-click on this icon and select 'Copy URL' from the context menu:[Station-ID].xml?units=metric

Regular Expression:

 <title>Current Conditions : (.*)C, .*</title>

Flags: Multiline

Temperature Output 1: EIS 5 / ASCII - Floating Point

Find URL

First select the weather station on

Select Station

Then select and copy the city-id.

Copy City ID

This city id must be placed into the following url. This url can be opend with the internet browser. URL:[CITY-ID]?type=json

Test Weather Station

If there is an 'Internal Server Error' the selected weather station does not serve the neccessary data and you will have to select a different one.

Configure HTTP Request

Now create a HTTP Request job with the following parameters:

HTTP Request Configuration Top
HTTP Request Configuration Bottom

This is the regular expression for the temperature and time of the weatherdata:

 "temp":(.*?),".*"date":"[\d-]* (.*?)"

Flags: Multiline, Ungreedy

Temperature Output 1: EIS 5 / ASCII - Floating Point

Time Output 2 (as EIS 15 text): EIS 15 / %s

Calculation: Kelvin to Celsius

The temperatures are given in kelvin. So just create a Mathematics job to calculate the celsius value.

Calculating Celsius

Test in the visualisation

Using the visualisation you can now test the jobs and display all values using the group addresses entered in the job configuration:

Visualisation Test
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