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How do i create lightscenes which will always start from state "0"?

Problem: If a lightscene starts and one or more channel values of the individual DMX output hold a value unequal zero, there will be displayed a wrong scene image because the new values will be added to the previous ones.

Solution: The channel values has to be set to "0" before the scene begins to run. In order to be not forced to start a seperate scene everytime, this process is best implemented at the beginning of each scene.

Every scene gets two additional steps at its beginning. The first step has the value "1", the second step gets the value "0". The "Fade"- and "Wait"- time are set to "0".

On this way you also have to proceed if an seperate scene is requested which only switches off all channels. This behaviour results of the DMX-Configurator characteristic which will only sent out the changings refering to the previously set value.

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